Design Drafting, Inc. will work with you to develop your project from Design Development Phase through Construction Document Phase, helping you through the Bidding/Permitting process.  We will provide you with a set of complete, well thought out drawings that will aid in saving you time and money in the actual construction of your project.

All drawings are produced with the 'AutoCAD' program, which is a computer aided drafting software program that offers flexibility when making revisions to the design.  Example of drawings included in a complete set of drawings that you will receive from Design Drafting, Inc. include:  Site Plan, Demolition Plans, Floor Plans, Elevations, Structural Plans (i.e. Foundation Plan and Roof Framing Plan), Electrical Plans, Building Sections and Details, and any schedules that go along with the project. 

As an added convenience to you, we have in-house plotting/copying equipment to print out wide format prints of your project.  Copies can be made throughout any phase of the project and we will provide as many as requested.

As a service to you, we are also willing to review other firms plans to ensure you are receiving a complete, effective set of drawings that will get you through Permitting and Construction in a timely and efficient manner.  Contact us anytime to validate that you are receiving the best possible set of drawings for your project.